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Embrace the Future: Money as Heritage Thumbnail

Embrace the Future: Money as Heritage

  • 2019-01-03~2019-10-27
  • Special Exhibition(2F)


Money is one of the greatest historical symbols that trace human activity across many centuries. That is why most countries inscribe the people, their daily lives, aspects of nature and cultural heritage items onto their money to increase the value and authority of their money, as well as to help with identification. Cultural heritage items in particular represent the accumulation of time created by humanity, and they are featured on numerous money. This implies that history is being passed down to the current and next generations by showing the value of cultural heritage items on money. Money and cultural heritage items are the most typical products that show strong continuity, but they are also discontinuous in that they can easily disappear depending on how they are used.
Through the exhibition 「Embrace the Future: Money as Heritage」, we will tell the story of money and cultural heritage items that have similar characteristics. Nowadays, there is growing interest in future money and future societies. Against this backdrop, we hope that visitors will be able to meditate on the value of money and cultural heritage items that reach into the past just as far as they will surely stretch into the future.

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