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Commemorative Money featuting the Olympic Winter Games Thumbnail

Commemorative Money featuting the Olympic Winter Games

  • 2017-11-14~2018-04-01
  • Special Exhibition(2F)


The Olympic Winter Games are a passion that stands firmly on frozen ground. The most representative among humankind’s various efforts toward peace, the Olympics allow us to see the passion of athletes through various games in many cities of the world every four years. Despite the ravages of two major wars since the start of the modern Olympic Games, the solidarity for peace through the passion of the people in the global village still continues. The symbolic items that contain memories of humankind hoping to thaw a frozen land suffering from violence and wars are money commemorating sporting events. 
This exhibition, 「Commemorative Money featuring the Olympic Winter Games」 tries to understand the history and values of the Olympic Winter Games by looking back on the meaning of peace and solidarity reflected in the Olympic spirit through commemorative money of the Olympic Winter Games. We are confident that the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, to be held in this divided country, will be an Olympics of peace and solidarity that will uphold the Olympic spirit, and we hope that this exhibition will be a small stepping stone toward that goal.

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