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Distributed Ledger Technology: Current situation and major issues

Payment & Settlement Systems Department (+82 2 750 6640) 2017.01.02 4208

「Distributed Ledger Technology: Current situation and major issues」(Executive Summary )


Joint research on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) from April to October 2016


* The first part of the paper, on the policy issues, was written by the Korean Payment & Settlement Studies Association (Professors Sekyung Oh, Jaepil Kim, Youngwhan Lee, and Hyuk Jun Kwon).


* The second half, covering the technological issues, was written by Coinplug, Inc, a local blockchain company.


* KFTC (Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearing Institute) and major banks also contributed to the research, which was coordinated and sponsored by the Bank of Korea.

 ※ The full version of the paper (Korean only) is available on the Bank of Korea website.