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Founded on April 7, 1995, Monetary and Finance Research Forum (Monetary& Finance ERF) consists of members of the Bank of Korea and outside experts to discuss monetary and financial issues.

At Monetary and Finance Research Forum, experts share research information and ideas, conduct in-depth research, and discuss relevant theories and major policy challenges on economic issues. In order to provide a theoretical basis for policy-makers, the forum aims at better understanding and analyzing of economic issues.

Regular meetings are held on a quarterly basis and a pre-meeting is usually arranged prior to a regular session. A 9-member steering committee (two from the BOK and 7 from outside the Bank) selects themes for discussions.

Regular meetings are composed of two sessions, each of which is joined by a presenter, discussants, a moderator and around 50 members in and outside the Bank.

If you are interested in joining the forum, please contact Financial and Monetary Economics Team (82-2-759-5395,

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