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Population Aging-Impacts and Policy Imperatives_Executive Summry

Economic Research Institute (02-759-5490) 2018.10.04 7778

■ Foreword |Wook Sohn

<Part 1 Introduction>|Wook Sohn

<Part 2 Population Aging in Korea>


■Ch. 1 Causes and Characteristics of Population Aging in Korea|Kyounghoon Park

■Ch. 2 Population Policy for Aging Societies: OECD Case Studies|Jinill Kim and Kyounghoon Park

■Ch. 3 Assessment of Policy Governance| Changyong Choi 

■Ch. 4 Population Aging in A Reunified Korea|Jiyoung Choi

<Part 3 Population Aging and the Macroeconomy>

■Ch. 5 Population Aging and Economic Growth|Byung Kwun Ahn, Ki-Ho Kim, and Seung Whan Ryuk

■Ch. 6 Population Aging and Consumption|Kwang Myung Chun, Hong Jig Lee, Suyeon Bang, and Dongjae Lee

■Ch. 7 Population Aging and the Current Account|Kyungkeun Kim and Soyoung Kim

■Ch. 8 Population Aging and Public Finance| Hosin Song and Joonyoung Hur

■Ch. 9 Population Aging and Inflation|Hwan Koo Kang

<Part 4 Population Aging and Policy Imperatives>

■Ch. 10 Population Aging and Household Assets/Liabilities|Se-Hyung Jo, Yong-Min Lee, and Jeong-Hoon Kim

■Ch. 11 Population Aging and the Financial Industry|Kyoungsoo Yoon, Jae Hoon Cha, Sohee Park, and Sun Young Kang

■Ch. 12 Population Aging and International Investment|Jin Soo Lim and Young Rae Kim

■Ch. 13 Population Aging and the Housing Market|Kanghyun Oh, Sol Kim, Jaejun Yoon, Sanki Ahn, and Donghwee Kwon

■Ch. 14 Population Aging and the Labor Market|Chulhee Lee and Jieun Lee

■Ch. 15 Population Aging and the Industrial Structure|Jong Ku Kang

<Part 5 Conclusion : Future of the Korean Economy and Policy Implications>|Jaerang Lee, Sungju Song, Daeyup Lee, and Byungkuk Kim

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