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The First Three Gold Coins
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[The First Three Gold Coins ]

The First Three Gold Coins
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Explanation of Work

Daehan Jeguk, the Korean Empire, announced the enactment of the currency act in February 1901, which adopted the gold standard. However, the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War stopped this from proper implementation. The act was reissued as a decree in accordance with the 1905 currency readjustment project. In 1906, 5-won, 10-won, and 20-won gold coins were minted in Osaka Mint Bureau in Japan. A total of 1.45 million coins had been produced and kept in Japan's Dai-Ichi Bank from 1906 to 1909. The amount of the existing Korean gold coins is highly limited since most of them were collected by the Japanese government and recycled as Japanese gold coins or gold bullion after Japan forcedly annexed Korea in 1910.