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Daedong eunjeon (Silver Coin)
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[Daedong eunjeon (Silver Coin) ]

Daedong eunjeon (Silver Coin)
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Explanation of Work

Daedong eunjeon is the first modernized silver coin issued in 1882 with three types, Daedong 1-jeon, 2-jeon, and 3-jeon. Unlike other coins, Daedong eunjeon, used for foreign trade, did not come with a hole in the middle. The name of the coin was printed on the coin's obverse, while the reverse showed an abbreviation for the name of the mint, "Ho" for the Hojo, and was decorated with traditional Korean cloisonne. However, the amount of the coin in circulation was insignificant because some classes stocked it up right after the issuance and the coin was drained abroad. The soaring price of the Chinese horseshoe-shaped silver ingots also contributed to the halt of the Daedong eunjeon production in nine months of the issuance.